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About Kapil Care

Kapil Care Homes is a family run group of care homes originally started by Dr. Gyan Kapil and his wife Pam in 1983.

Their son, Sunil Kapil, is now Managing Director of the group and Kirsty Sutton was appointed Operations Director in 2010. She has been part of the Kapil Care Homes team since 1992 and was a Home Manager within the company for many years. Kirsty remains personally involved in the day to day running of the Homes and is very proud to be part of the Kapil Care team.

As a company we are committed to providing the very best levels of care for older people.

A Personal Message

Welcome to Kapil Care Homes. We have owned and operated care homes in North Lincolnshire since 1979 and have a wealth of experience in providing excellent care for older people. Today, we are proud to be supported by a dynamic and innovative team who ensure that all the benefits of experience are blended with the most up-to-date practice. The result is an unsurpassed level of service to you.

Our philosophy of supporting your individuality and free choice is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to promote independence and encourage everyone’s chosen lifestyle. For example, there are no fixed waking times or bedtimes and you have a choice at mealtimes – from what you eat, to where and when you eat it.

We offer a well planned and well maintained environment and, to help your enjoyment of it further, we encourage you to bring suitable items of furniture, pictures, and ornaments – anything that will make you feel more at home.

Each resident is assigned their own key member of staff and has a personalised care plan drawn up. We hold regular residents’ meetings to enable everyone to have a say in the way things are run, and suggest any improvements that we can make. Family and friends are very welcome to visit at any time of the day.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions, or, better still, call in to see us at any reasonable time. There’s no need to make an appointment, although you can if you prefer.

Best Wishes,

Sunil Kapil Name